Small Business Storage Solutions. Self-Storage Facilities

If you are starting a small business from home, it is common to find that your current location doesn’t have enough storage space click here. Your garage may be full or you might have a smaller house. Maybe you live in an apartment with very limited storage space or your landlord doesn’t want cluttering up the yard. You might just find the solution to your small business storage problem! Self-storage facilities seem to be everywhere. You are likely to find one near your home, or along a route where you frequently travel. Many mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters are self-employed. They often have large equipment or tools that they don’t use everyday but still need to access. Large inventories may be a problem for wholesalers or retailers. A self-storage locker that is conveniently located can provide you with the extra space you require and allow you easy access to your equipment and merchandise.

You should ask the self-storage owner a few questions when looking for self-storage facilities for business purposes. There may be some basic maintenance that needs to be done on the equipment. Do the units have an outlet and a light? Is the company willing to allow such maintenance? Many self-storage units are climate-controlled. If your business needs to be protected from extreme temperatures and high humidity, inquire about climate-controlled units. Ask about security features at self-storage facilities. Is the property monitored via video and is it regularly patrolled? Are the grounds well-lit? Are tenants allowed to enter the premises through the security fence? Has there been a break-in recently? Are sprinkler systems and fire alarms installed?

Although basic insurance can be purchased at most storage facilities for an additional cost, it may not protect the entire value of your contents. You may want to consider buying additional insurance to protect the equipment and merchandise you have invested. Also, some homeowners insurance policies may include coverage for items stored in self storage lockers. By arranging your merchandise or equipment in the yard and measuring the square footage, you can calculate the space that you will require. It is important to allow for movement and to transport equipment or merchandise. To expand the storage area, you can place freestanding file cabinets or shelving units in your self storage locker. You can also hang a pin board (ask for permission) to keep hand-tools within reach.

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