Here are some of the facilities available at executive condominiums

Executive condominiums have many wonderful benefits. They also offer many amenities which can be enjoyed, making them a luxurious choice. A Executive condominium has its own style and elegance. And there are many. This makes housing a new category. You can see Altura EC Price on our website.


Executive condominiums owners enjoy a car park as one of their amenities. Different ways can be used to create car parks. Car parks can be built underground or up to multiple stories. It is better to park underground. Because you can park right in your neighborhood, you’ll also be close enough to get shelter from the elements until you arrive at your dwelling unit. If you need to get home late, you can park at one of the many-story parks.

Other amenities

A Executive condo will give you access to many of the amenities that are available. Even though the majority of these facilities are common, they can still be very useful. Executive condominiums often include a swimming pool. The pool, which is often large enough to accommodate sun loungers and allow people to enjoy the sun, can usually be found in Executive condos.

Developers often include a fitness center in their properties for physical well-being. The gym is usually equipped with all the necessary equipment to enable residents to use it at their convenience.

A BBQ pit is a common facility that facilitates interaction between neighbors. The residents also have their own private parking spots, which will mean that they won’t need to compete for limited parking spaces. Executive condominium owners will appreciate this convenience.

A second amazing thing is security. A security guard is on duty 24 hours per day, to keep residents safe. The majority of Executive condominiums will charge an annual maintenance fee. It is typically charged on a per-month basis. If you consider it carefully, it’s totally worth it.

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