Meditations & Exercises for Healing

Most of us require some kind of healing. At least once in a while, we are all affected by our negative thoughts, illnesses, and injuries. It doesn’t matter if you have a formal meditation practice or not. There are simple healing exercises and meditations that can be done easily. They can bring amazing results. As a Distant Healing Network volunteer, it is common for me to suggest simple healing meditations or easy exercises that can result in a long-lasting and complete healing. Most of the time, we need to repeat the meditations. Sometimes the healing is gradual but not always. Sometimes it is instant. You can see source on our website.

Simple Affirmations

Our thoughts, ideas and opinions about ourselves as well as the world around us will come out. The main problem with long-term injuries or illnesses is that many people get trapped in the idea of being sick or injured. This false belief that you are sick or injured can cause illness or injury, and can even keep you from getting well.

Sometimes, negative thoughts about oneself are not conscious. Essentially, we have become accustomed over time to being sickened or injured. These negative thoughts are countered by affirmations. We place positive thoughts in their stead. This technique may have worked for you in the past. You might only need to repeat your affirmation once to restore balance. These affirmations may be repeated many times per week and for a longer time at first.

Keep your affirmation simple and direct. You can use an affirmation that is positive if your problem involves emotions. Your affirmation for depression could be: “Joy! Joy!” If you are prone anger, fear, anxiety, or nervousness you could say, Peace, peace. Or, “Calm, calm, calm.” Or, “It is the soul.” Or, “I’m (a Being of) Radiant Light”. You’ll be able to determine if your chosen phrase is correct because you will feel the calm, peace or joy that you seek.

If it is a problem with your physical health, there are two options: “Imperfectly healthy and happy” and “Imperfectly healed.” Imagine being filled with the Divine Love, fully healed, happy and healthy. Also, feel what it felt to be completely happy and healthy. I did this exercise for a couple of minutes earlier today. Instead, I was lying flat on my stomach with the flu and am happily typing this Journal entry. Miracles are what we call them. They often come down to a simple shift of thinking.

Simple Prayers

Always ask for a complete, lasting healing. If you are not able to receive it, inwardly say “If it is Thy Will”. Do not hesitate to say “Thanks”, no matter how healed you are. Waiting to be able to say “Thank You” after a miracle does not make miracles happen. Don’t make it complicated with your prayers. Do not list all the things that are bothering you. All you have to do is ask for a lasting and complete healing. After that, just say “Thanks.” It is common to offer something in exchange, such as a good deed or prayers. However, this is not necessary. When we trust God with our prayers, God will answer them in the best way for us and others.

When I need to be healed or help, I call upon everyone I can. You can also call on God, the Holy angels, saints and Our Lady, Her Divine son – or any other Divine Being. The saints are not required to be identified or named if you want to seek their help. The saint who can heal or help you is simply a matter of asking. The same applies to angels. It’s okay to leave everything up to God. You can be sure that God will send you whatever you need. We humans can complicate even the simplest things. And we believe we are responsible for everything.

It may sound odd, but sometimes the greatest healings happen when we pray to God for others. Divine healing is all about strengthening our relationship to God. Our Lady Medjugorje stated that we all should choose our spiritual Paths and work hard on them. That God should be the center and focus of our lives.

How to Invest Gold in IRAs

Because of the relative ease in which they can invest, IRA accounts are a perfect vehicle for planning for retirement. To make things easier for the administrator, 401K investments must be restricted to stocks and bonds. IRAs have virtually no restrictions on the types and investments they can hold. The only prohibitions known are life and collectible insurance. A gold ira guide pdf can be a useful tool for investors who want to learn about the benefits of investing in a gold IRA.

A lot of retirement account owners are now considering investing in gold in IRAs, given the current economic stability. Many account owners who have experienced losses due to the recent stock-market crash are attracted to gold because it is a solid investment. They have experienced the volatility of stock market and are now drawn towards tangible and solid assets. When they invest, their future is at stake.

The process of investing gold in IRAs takes little time. The first thing one should do is to open a self managed IRA account. If you already have a retirement account, rollover the funds or make a transfer. All IRAs require a custodian, trustee, or both. Make sure you have one that allows gold in your IRA. IRS rules specify that account custodians will only be there to execute investment transactions as directed. However, the IRS allows him to make additional prohibitions.

Once you have established your self-directed accounts, you are ready for gold IRA investing. You have two options for purchasing gold in your IRA. The first option is to purchase stocks from reputable mine companies as your gold investment. Another option is to hold physical gold in your bank account. It is possible to choose between the two options when making investment decisions in gold in IRAs. An IRS-accredited facility would be required to hold physical gold assets in an IRA. Custodians, as well account owners, are prohibited from handling physical assets of IRA accounts.

As far as physical gold goes, there are other things to take into consideration when thinking about gold investing in IRAs. There are strict standards that the IRS establishes for gold assets. These standards can be used to narrow down your choices if you want to buy gold bullion coins.

Gold investors in IRAs have a lot of experience. Account owners will tell you this: Since your physical gold, and especially your gold bullion coin is a very precious asset, you can have the luxury to keep it in a segregated bank account in your storage location of choice. This is different from a fungible one which lumps it with other coin depositors of identical size and type. However, segregated accounts may be subject to higher premiums.

You can also have a gold IRA which allows you invest in other precious metals like silver, platinum and Palladium. These offer the same opportunities to invest in tangible assets for the stability it provides.